You want a great agent to sell your home in the shortest possible time and for the maximum price the market will allow. Well, there are over 10,000 to choose from in St. Louis. Which are the best?

Line 'em Up. Now Point To The Good Ones.
Frankly, you have little chance of distinguishing between the good and the mediocre agents based purely on a glance. Many can talk a good game. Some have delightful personalities. Some are even better looking than others. But which ones can really deliver?

That's Where We Come In
Referrals Only Real Estate provides you the information you need to make an intelligent choice. Since we pre-screen and monitor ongoing performance, you're assured that when we recommend an agent, you're getting a highly skilled professional with impeccable integrity and a top track record in the market. In fact, only agents that rank in the 80th percentile or above can even apply. And when it comes to selling your house, don't you really want someone who's "earned an A?"

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We Provide You With Extra Clout
Big customers have more clout than little ones. So while we're proud to recommend the very best agents, they also have extra incentive to perform at their peak. The reason is that we continually evaluate their performance with customer feedback using our exclusive EvaluRank system. When they sell your house, you'll be asked to complete a thorough but brief questionnaire. And the agents know that the greater the satisfaction among customers like you, the more referrals they'll get from us!
Why It Costs You Nothing
You don't pay a penny more for our service. Top agents recognize us as a prime source of repeat business. Rather than pay for expensive individual marketing campaigns, they pay us a small portion of their commission — but only when they complete your transaction.

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