Whether you're moving, looking to purchase your first home or your last home, Referrals Only Real Estate can provide you a top agent — at no charge to you!

How It Works
When you request an agent recommendation, we do the all the research legwork. We'll recommend three top agents. All of them will rank in the top 20% in your market. You interview all three and then hire the one that's right for you. Any problems? Talk to us and we'll cure them immediately.Even after your transaction closes, we'll survey your experience to ensure that our future clients get top quality service, so they'll be as happy as you.

It's The Perfect Match
Best of all, we can match you with an agent who will understand the criteria you set, the neighborhoods you want and the help you need to find the perfect home. We recommend agents who specialize by area, price and type. Looking for waterfront property? We know which agents specialize. Want a golf community? We know which agents specialize. Properties for horses? Well, you get the picture.

You Can Tell By The Questions
The agents we recommend know how to ask the right questions to make certain that the homes you see dovetail perfectly with your needs, your lifestyle and your budget. That's how they became top agents in the first place and we guarantee they'll provide the great service you deserve. And that's another advantage of working with an agent recommended by Referrals Only Real Estate.

Why A REFERRALS ONLY Agent Is Better
Other referral companies sell protected territories. Not us. An agent's proven track record is their entry to our system. They have to earn their invitation to our list by ranking in the top 20% of local Realtors. And with our exclusive EvaluRank system, our customers rank their performance — just like you will. You see, we monitor their performance based upon your satisfaction! It's that extra incentive that assures you professional service throughout your homebuying process.

So Why Take A Chance?
Call Referrals Only Real Estate now and take the guess work out of hiring your agent. Or you can download our free full-color brochure to learn more.
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