Your Direct Path To The Best Agents

Nobody makes it easier
That's because we monitor and rank the top agents in town based entirely on their track record and performance. So you never have any doubts or second thoughts. In fact, we guarantee it because when we refer them to you, they've already been thoroughly evaluated for consistent industry performance and impeccable reputation. And we don't stop there, either. All our participating agents are constantly being reviewed by the toughest critics of all — your peers.

Agents Can't BUY Their Way In...  They EARN Their Way In
We're different from those other referral companies. Agents can't purchase territories from us. We don't sell them. And they don't pay us dues or membership fees either. Instead, our system is 100% merit based and predicated on an agent's reputation and historical performance. Then we follow up with our exclusive EvaluRank system. Our clients rate their performance, and we compile and track the data. It's your assurance that when we recommend three top agents to you, your final choice will be among the best!

80% Of All Agents Fail To Meet Our Tough Standards
Since we only refer agents in the top 20% in their respective markets (and that's only the very first requirement), it's quite possible that the agent you were thinking of hiring won't like us very much. But that's just fine with us — and it's perfect for you. After all, whether you hire a top agent or not, the commission you'll pay is the same. And given the choice wouldn't you rather have a top agent working for you? 

We do the research so you can relax. Call us today and get the best — guaranteed.

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